• Rebel’s mission is to invest in the best 0.1% of the 30,000+ tech startups that apply each year to Y Combinator, the #1 accelerator in the world with 60+ unicorns and $600B+ in portfolio company value. The fund’s due diligence and investing decisions are made by a team of accomplished Y Combinator alumni who have founded companies now valued over $85B in aggregate, invested in 200+ startups, and generated top one-percentile portfolio returns. Rebel utilizes a proprietary machine-learning algorithm called Rebel Theorem to help validate and screen potential investments, building a diversified portfolio of top Y Combinator startups that is statistically powered to outperform.

    • mission

      Rebel leverages data science and Silicon Valley’s most accomplished founders to invest in a diversified portfolio of top Y Combinator startups

      Prioritizing People

      Investors, Partners, & Founders

      We build long-term relationships based upon our core values of trust, transparency, and mutual respect. We choose our LPs, partners, and portfolio companies selectively and then support each other for life.

      Leveraging Technology

      Making the Art of Venture Investing a Science

      We use a proprietary machine-learning algorithm developed by an MIT data scientist to screen startups based on exit probability and expected ROI.

      Insider Access

      To Silicon Valley & Beyond

      Rebel Fund is built from the ground up to leverage the expertise of top Y Combinator alumni to identify, access and support the world's most exciting technology startups.

      Diversity Minded

      Building a Diverse Portfolio of Talented Founders

      The vast majority of founding teams Rebel Fund supports have a least one diversity factor, such as a female, black, latinx, or international co-founder.


      A team of top Y Combinator alumni who have co-founded companies now valued over $85B in aggregate and support Rebel’s due diligence, investment decisions, and portfolio support part-time while running their respective companies.

      Steve Huffman


      YC S05

      Daniel Kan


      YC W14

      Max Mullen


      YC S12

      Trip Adler


      YC S06

      Jonathan Hirsch


      Non-YC biotech partner

      Sebastian Mejia


      YC W16


      We're experienced top-decile fund managers and successful serial entrepreneurs bringing decades of real-world technology startup operating and investing experience to support our portfolio CEOs. We've built startups backed by the world's top venture capital funds and have created millions of dollars in value for our investors and partners.

      Jared Heyman

      Managing Partner

      Co-Founder of Infosurv, Intengo, CrowdMed (YC W13), Pioneer & Rebel


      Richard Sussman

      Strategic Partner

      Formerly GP at Nordic Eye, LP Advisory Board Member of Pioneer Fund


    • portfolio

      Rebel has made 100+ investments to date across a wide variety of technology verticals

      AccessOwl (S22)

      Okta for Startups

      Airbyte (W20)

      Unlocking ad-blocked traffic across all your tools

      Albedo (W21)

      Albedo captures the highest resolution satellite imagery

      Allows brands to fully address the main challenges related to e-commerce, simplifying the process and boosting sales of the entire value chain

      A proprietary feed additive that stops methane emissions from cattle

      Using CRISPR to find treatments for cancer

      Alt Tex (S22)

      ALT TEX creates biodegradable and carbon neutral textiles engineered from food waste

      Amiloz (S22)

      Tech enabled inventory supplier for corner stores in LatAm

      Anchor (S22)

      Banking-as-a-service & embedded finance platform for Africa.

      Anfin (W22)

      Stock trading and wealth management for Vietnam

      Arist (S20)

      Workforce training via text message

      Quality Assurance platform for Machine Learning Systems

      Array Labs (S22)

      Building satellites to create the first real-time high-resolution map of the world

      Aviron is high-intensity Peloton for rowing

      Enables any healthcare organization to send health professionals in-home to administer basic services like blood draws and injections

      Bamboo (W20)

      We're building Fidelity for Africa

      Bend (S22)

      Track companies as they cut carbon, and measure your supply chain footprint

      India's first and only Marriage Super App for 100M people

      Cerrion (S22)

      We help manufacturers automatically detect problems on their production lines using Computer Vision

      India's one-stop Telemedicine Platform & Online Pharmacy for Dermatology

      Diagnosing Alzheimer’s 3x more accurately than a doctor - all from your cellphone

      Creizer (W22)

      We provide revenue-based financing to online sellers

      Crew (S21)

      Modern all-in-one recruiting CRM that helps you hire the A players

      We are building crypto wallet for the next billion users without the necessity to be a crypto geek to use the product

      Online counseling designed for teens

      Drapr (S20)

      We let shoppers try on clothing online

      Drip (S22)

      Drip is Klarna for Brazil, built on Pix

      Dropezy (W22)

      We are a daily needs platform that guarantees 15 minutes deliveries using a network of dark stores

      Dr. Treat (S22)

      Tech-enabled modern veterinary designed to give your pet highly personalized care

      Earth AI (S19)

      EARTH AI is the world’s most efficient mineral explorer

      Embrace (S19)

      Mobile teams find, recreate and fix every error easily

      Evoly (S22)

      Makes smart electric and water meters as a service

      Finblox (W22)

      A crypto neobank for the emerging markets

      Flat.mx (S20)

      We're the Opendoor of Mexico

      Fleek (W22)

      B2B wholesale marketplace for second-hand fashion

      We make it easy for developers to deploy scalable, secure applications without any devops

      Flowly (S21)

      The VR version of Calm with a focus on reducing chronic pain for 100 million Americans

      fly.io (W20)

      fly.io runs app servers close to users

      Greywing (W21)

      Greywing automates crew changes and vessel operations

      Gridware (W21)

      Gridware makes hardware devices that help utilities identify when and where power lines will cause wildfires

      GroMo (W21)

      GroMo is an app for agents to sell insurance in India

      We support manufacturing, client service, and retail companies to recruit their slow-skilled talents at scale in no time

      HyperLinq (S21)

      We build technology and tools for traders.

      Building underwater robotics vehicles which collect battery metals from the seabed without harming the environment

      InEvent (S19)

      Advanced event software for enterprises

      Invofox (S22)

      Automatic data extraction from invoices

      Jeeves (S20)

      International infrastructure built from scratch, starting with corporate cards for startups in Mexico, Canada and UK

      Jestor (S21)

      No-code tool for operations teams

      Juno (S19)

      A coding school for underemployed university graduates

      A bank account and credit card for Canadian SMBs

      Khabri (W21)

      Audio platform for education serving non-english users

      Grocery and everyday essentials app in Pakistan

      Laskie (W21)

      Enterprise platform for professional services

      Lofty AI (S19)

      We help people buy homes with Zero risk

      MadEats (S21)

      Building high quality internet food brands engineered for delivery

      We are 'Salesforce' for retail distribution in Africa

      Mercator (S22)

      Mapping tools for vehicle fleets

      Momentu (S22)

      Corporate mental health platform for Latin America

      Mudafy (S19)

      Compass for Latin America

      Largest dermatology virtual clinic in LATAM

      Novig (S22)

      The first commission-free, high-frequency sports betting exchange

      Building Gong.io for offline retail (starting with drive-thru restaurants)

      Shortening the supply chain between restaurants and wholesalers

      Banking as a Service provider for Latam

      Payflow (S21)

      A mobile app that allows employees to get paid their salary on-demand

      Peakflo (W22)

      We streamline receivables and payables for growing SMBs in SE Asia

      Philippo (W22)

      We provide homeowners in Latam access to their home equity.

      Pillar (S21)

      Health coaching as a service

      Performance ads & discovery for marketplaces

      Queenly (W21)

      Best way to help women find the exact dress they are looking for

      Recall.ai (S22)

      Recall is Plaid for voice and video intelligence.

      DNA Diagnostics and Deep insights, IVF clinics, Research

      B2B Hub for Virtual Selling

      Rider (W22)

      Rider is modern parcel delivery for Pakistan.

      We are Gusto for India

      SaveIN (W22)

      SaveIN is Buy now, Pay later for healthcare in India

      Seabound (W22)

      We capture CO2 emissions from ships

      Pricing intelligence for healthcare providers

      Sequin (S21)

      A debit card that builds credit for women

      Helps you know your body by tracking how it is changing over time and guides you to live a healthier and more beautiful life

      Sitenna (S21)

      We connect the market by mapping assets and using workflows to speed up the process

      Slauth.io (S22)

      Access management platform to secure the cloud

      Stackshine automates software management operations for IT teams

      Starling (W22)

      Remote patient monitoring of urine

      Decentralized competitor to Steam

      1000x faster cloud compute

      Together (S19)

      Enterprise SaaS to run an internal employee mentoring programs

      Datadog for analytics and marketing teams

      TradeUp (W20)

      ISAs for Trade Schools

      Tranch (S22)

      We’re a buy now pay later solution for SaaS and Services

      Trusty (W22)

      Private MLS for exclusive off-market real estate

      Turing (W20)

      Replace consumer brand's formulation testing loop development with our software

      Typewise (S22)

      Text prediction to boost productivity in customer service and sales

      Sells homes directly to buyers -- they can tour any time and buy online with peace of mind

      We are an enterprise software that helps companies track and reduce their carbon emissions, focusing in Asia

      Vahan (S22)

      Building a full-stack labor marketplace for the gig-economy in India

      API to verify and monitor healthcare licenses

      WareIQ (S22)

      Amazon-prime like logistics for online brands in India

      AI-powered copywriting and content marketing

      Wyvern (W22)

      High-res images from space to measure natural resources and crop health.

      Yassir (W20)

      Leading Super App for French Speaking Africa

      Z1 (W21)

      Digital bank for teenagers in LatAm, where they can spend and receive money through a prepaid card

      Zuma (S21)

      Building a sales engagement platform that helps businesses create the fastest conversion experience for any internet lead

      Zywa (W22)

      Neobank for teenagers in the Middle East and North Africa

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      On Y Combinator batch quality at scale

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      On portfolio strategy and unicorn catching

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      On the Y Combinator Summer 2021 batch

      At Rebel Fund, our job is to invest in the top 3–4% startups in each new Y Combinator (YC) batch. To accomplish this, we build what we believe to be the most comprehensive database that exists of YC startups — including over 60,000 data... read more

      On the slow erosion of Silicon Valley’s dominance​

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    • Event PHOTOS

      Annual General Meeting 2022

      San Francisco, California

      LP Wine Tasting Event 2022

      Napa Valley, California

    • Webinars

      Early-Stage Venture Investing in a Time of Crisis

      Hosted by Rebel Fund

      You'll learn how some of Silicon Valley’s top early-stage VC’s view the COVID-19 crisis, its economic fallout, and the future of venture in unprecedented times. How are they adjusting their portfolio strategy and investment pacing? What are their expectations around startup valuations? How does this economic crisis compare to previous ones? What do they view as the greatest risks and opportunities? How do they expect this to ultimately impact LP investment returns?Click the image to register or watch the recording

      COVID-19: How Disruption Creates Opportunity

      Hosted by Rebel Fund

      In this webinar you will learn from some of the brightest minds in Venture Capital how global VC’s are turning COVID-19 disruption into investment opportunities. What unique market opportunities has COVID-19 created that didn't exist a few months ago? What types of problems are today's fastest-growing startups tackling? Who are some of the most innovative startups solving this worldwide crisis? Which behavioral changes caused by COVID-19 will “stick” long enough to build a company around? Click the image to register or watch the recording

    • Contact Us

      Rebel Fund only invests in Y Combinator-backed startups and does not respond to unsolicited investment offers. Founders can apply to Y Combinator here.

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